VM Audio Subwoofer Reviews

Subwoofers are designed to handle the deep bass sounds and the lower-end frequencies that smaller speakers battle with. They add a level of power to the music system that would otherwise not be possible and help to produce a great all-around stereo sound.

With the various sizes of subwoofers available, your choice of subwoofer should be determined largely by the type of music that you prefer to listen to, as some subwoofers are better able to keep up with fast, light music than others. Typically, larger subwoofers can handle deeper bass but are a little less agile than the smaller ones in following quick changes in tone.

In the world of audio design and manufacture, VM audio is an industry leader and its subwoofers are sold globally. The company prides itself on producing top-quality audio equipment that delivers clear and crisp tones.

Its professional team of sound engineers and technicians design, test and calibrate quality sound systems in specially equipped sound laboratories. The end result is a durable product that looks stylish, is reasonably priced and, above all, sounds great.

VM Audio Subwoofer Comparison and Review

In the VM audio subwoofer review below we investigate and review some of the VM audio sub on offer and list some of the more relevant specifications, you need to be aware of when you go subwoofer shopping.

VM Audio ECW120 Encore 12 Inch Competition Car Audio Power Subwoofer

VM Audio Encore 12 Inch 3000W DVC Competition Car Audio Power Subwoofer | ECW120

Designed by a professional team of engineers, this VM audio Competition Subwoofer is equipped with a linear flex spider and a dynamic high magnitude cone.

Powered by VM audio ECW120, this subwoofer boasts 1500 watts of RMS power, peaking at 3000 watts. The clarity of sound across the range of musical notes that it produces is superb, even at high volumes.

This advanced level subwoofer features twelve-inch subwoofers and is the most popular size as it is ideal for listening to a wide range of music. Whilst these subwoofers are not as sensitive as the smaller ten-inch or eight-inch versions, they are a particularly apt choice if you enjoy a heavy bass since they cover a deeper spectrum of bass notes. This model’s sensitivity or measure of power efficiency is an excellent 93dB.

The linear flex spider with its damping control and the mechanical suspension in the VM audio subwoofers have been designed to exclude vibration for sound clarity at very low sound frequencies.

This subwoofer features dual voice coils, which are popular as they offer flexible wiring solutions and additional subwoofer connection possibilities.

The high magnitude cone ensures sound clarity, and clear, crisp notes. Made from polypropylene, it has a wide butyl rubber, weatherproof surround that will not perish as it gets older. The heavy-duty terminals are nickel-plated for durability. The die-cast aluminum basket will not curve or distort over time.


  • RMS: 1500 watts
  • Peak: 3000 watts
  • Sensitivity: 93dB
  • Frequency response: 23 Hz to 340 Hz
  • Top-mount depth: 8.19 inches
  • Impedance: Dual 4 ohm
  • Recommended Enclosure Type: custom made ported or sealed box
  • Warranty: One year limited

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VM Audio ECW100 Encore 10″ Competition Car Audio Power Subwoofer Sub

This model powered by VM audio ecw100 has 1300 watts of RMS power and peaks at 2600 watts. The low-frequency transducers with which it is equipped will ensure that you receive all the bass notes clearly, rounding off your stereo experience and producing great sound quality.

Like its bigger brother, this subwoofer has dual voice coils for wiring flexibility, making it possible to add additional subwoofers into your system.

Ten-inch subwoofers are a popular choice amongst music lovers because they are capable of keeping pace with faster music but still have pretty good bass. This high-end product has a four-ohm impedance so a good amplifier will help it to give you its best performance. The sensitivity, the measure of power efficiency, is a respectable 91Db and the frequency response of 25Hz to 360 Hz.

The polypropylene cone has a quality butyl rubber surround that will last for years without shrinking or cracking. The large push terminals are nickel-plated and corrosion-resistant. The heavy-duty die-cast aluminum basket will not flex or distort.

It is equipped with a mechanical suspension system that is designed to prevent annoying vibrations that can cause sound distortion.


  • RMS: 1300 watts
  • Peak: 2600 watts
  • Sensitivity: 91dB
  • Frequency response: 25Hz to 360 Hz
  • Top-mount depth: 7.2 inches
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Recommended Enclosure Type: Custom made sealed or ported enclosure
  • Warranty: One year limited

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VM Audio SRW10 10″ 800W Car Subwoofer Power Sub Woofer

Add one of these high-performance subwoofers to your car stereo system and enjoy the pure sound of the bass. This entry level subwoofer has 400 watts of RMS power and 800 watts of peak power. The dual voice coils allow for flexible wiring and the addition of more subwoofers to the stereo system.

The stable mechanical suspension ensures that your music is not marred by vibration. This VM audio subwoofer delivers crisp, clear notes even at high volume.

The polypropylene cone has a wide butyl rubber surround which is durable and weather resistant. The stamp steel basket will not distort and the surface cooling system on the voice coils and vented pole piece will ensure that the subwoofer does not overheat. The heavy-duty push-on terminals are nickel plated for corrosion resistance.

You can consult the owner’s manual for instructions on constructing either a sealed or ported enclosure.


  • RMS: 400 watts
  • Peak: 800 watts
  • Sensitivity: 85 dB
  • Frequency response: 30Hz to 500Hz·
  • Top-mount depth: 4.72 inches
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Recommended Enclosure Type: Custom made sealed or ported enclosure
  • Warranty: One year limited

VM Audio Dual 12″ 4800 Watt Complete Car Stereo Subwoofer Bass Package

This high-quality sound system offers you a complete 4800-watt car stereo package that includes a pair of VM audio subwoofers mounted in an enclosure, an amplifier, remote bass control and all the parts that you need to install it.

The 12” subwoofers are enclosed in a sealed black leather and aviation-grade carpeted cabinet. Made from high-density fibre wood the cabinet will absorb any resonance and showcase the clarity of sound. The materials are durable and should be good for years of use. The cabinet looks great and the sturdy mitered edges make it easy to install.

The two-and-a-half-inch voice coils with a surface cooling system, ensure that the speakers produce the purest sounds, with no clarity problems at high volume. The mass cone is designed to eliminate annoying vibrations.

The surround is made of weather-resistant, durable, butyl rubber which will endure the rigours of vibration and wear. It has polypropylene cone and nickel-plated terminals.

This amplifier features Self Guard protection that will protect it and the subwoofers from damage due to overheating, short circuits, DC offset or voltage spikes. The product is equipped with a remote button that can be mounted, allowing you to select the amount of bass you require at the press of a button.


  • RMS: 2400 watts
  • Peak: 4800 watts
  • Sensitivity: 89 dB
  • Frequency response: 50 Hz to 250 Hz
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Recommended Enclosure Type: Included -Dimensions: 28.43” L x (9.24” W1) (12.24” W2) x 14” H
  • Warranty: One year limited

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VM Audio Dual 10″ Elux Sealed 4200 Watt Car Stereo Subwoofer Box with Amp

This complete 4200-watt system includes dual VM audio subwoofers, an amplifier and a remote button. In addition, the kit includes everything that you need to quickly install the speaker system in your vehicle. This system is designed to ensure pitch-perfect music with undistorted sounds and crisp, clear bass notes at high volume.

The ten-inch subwoofers form the basis of the crystal-clear sound delivery. The sealed wooden enclosure in which they are housed is covered in aviation-grade black carpeting and black leather that not only looks good but that also prevents resonance. The cabinet has strong mitered corners for durability.

The large 2.5-inch voice coils allow for volume without distortion. The voice coil is surface cooled to prevent overheating.VM subwoofers are made from a quality, durable materials that are made to last. The polypropylene cones have butyl rubber surrounds that will not crack or perish over time but will sustain despite vibration and weather. The push-on terminals are nickel coated so they resist corrosion.

The amplifier is equipped with Self Guard protection which protects the equipment against short circuits, overheating, DC offset and voltage spikes which can cause damage.

The kit comes with a remote bass button which is surface mountable, so you can increase the bass from a distance.

This is a good-looking system that delivers high-quality sound at an affordable price.


  • RMS: 2100 watts
  • Peak: 4200 watts
  • Sensitivity: 88 dB
  • Frequency response: 15 Hz to 250 H
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Recommended Enclosure Type: Included – Dimensions 24.41” L x (8.46” W1) (11.42” W2) x 12.76” H
  • Warranty: One year limited

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