How to Buy the Right Subwoofer for Your Car

Imagine that long smooth drive, with your significant other…and all those feelings coming together. But, is the car music raining on your parade? Well, then you probably would be on the lookout for a music system that would pair up just right with that desired getaway.

Something with a booming bass or perfect tonal clarity for those mellow tunes?

Well, preferably car subwoofers seem to have it all these days. But, you should always work towards getting that perfect one for a pretty cool deal.

And this is where we come to help sort out your problem regarding which subwoofer to select and how to choose one.

So, read on, if you want to know the ways to select a perfect car subwoofer!

How to select the right subwoofer for your car

A Subwoofer is the kind of speaker that is designed to produce music at low-frequencies. Be it loud music or mellow notes; a subwoofer is supposed to improve the overall music experience for everybody.

Since car speakers are comparatively smaller in size than other music systems, these may have problems, at times, producing the effect that you desire.

There is a lot to choose from the wide range of car-subwoofers available these days. A good sub can always give you an enjoyable music experience, but adding that quality bass is definitely going to be the winning factor for every such occasion.

And to achieve this, consider these vital factors while looking for a car-subwoofer:


Impedance or resistance difference is the unit to measure the resistance of a conductive object against an electrical current. The lower the impedance value of your subwoofer, the lesser will be the power needed by the amplifier to produce higher wattage units. It is measured in Ohms.

A car subwoofer generally has an impedance value of 4 Ohms with low voltage and high amperage.


The sensitivity or sound level pressure (SPL), is the amount of power a subwoofer needs to produce a given volume. You will probably want a sub with a high SPL that produces high volumes at low power if your amplifier or head unit is underpowered.

Power handling:

Be aware of the power handling levels or the RMS value of your subwoofer. A high RMS value produces more bass, but you will need a head unit or amplifier that matches or exceeds this value, to power it up.

The size of the subwoofer:

The size of your subwoofer will contribute to the quality of your music. Bigger systems usually produce better bass because of the free sound flow it facilitates within the system.


Enclosure contributes significantly to the sound quality of your subwoofer. The tighter the enclosed area of your subwoofer, the deeper bass it will produce.

Different types of car-subwoofers

  • 1An ‘off-the-shelf’ enclosed subwoofer
  • 2A subwoofer to blend in with your car’s interiors
  • 3Simple and compact subwoofers
  • 4Your own assembled car-subwoofer!

An ‘off-the-shelf’ enclosed subwoofer

You can easily get a pre-assembled enclosed subwoofer for car installations. These come with inbuilt speakers in a pre-mounted box that eliminates the task of choosing a separate enclosure for your subs. Although pre-mounted subs save you the trouble of assembling the different parts for installation, there is only so much that they can offer when it comes to box/enclosure sizes.

Since this is one of the crucial factors in producing good music, you cannot really fit these subs in a box of your choice. Also, you will still need a separate external amplifier to power these subwoofers.

A subwoofer to blend in with your car’s interiors

If you want to have a vehicle-specific or customized subwoofer, then you can get one from a range of subs that are designed for out-of-the-way locations for several kinds of vehicles such as cars, SUVs or trucks. They can also be made to color-coordinate with the interiors of your vehicle.

While these might not provide you with that perfect bass, they’ll still be pretty good at producing a decent quality of music. The core of any music system and the key to good music lies with the subwoofer. The quality of your subwoofer will determine the quality of music that you will have in your car.

So, if you are really looking forward to having some great music as your companion on the road, then why settle for less? Consider getting the best 8 inch subwoofer for your car that’s going to give you the best performance when it comes to producing a good bass at low frequencies.

Although the price and built of these subs will differ from one manufacturer to another, their audio quality will be worth the investment you are willing to make.

Some factors you should keep in mind while selecting your 8-inch subs are:

  • Power
  • Crossover
  • Size
  • Speaker firing direction
  • Price

Simple and compact subwoofers

A simple, powered subwoofer is usually a very efficiently designed component to fit your needs of a car music system. It has got in-built speakers and amplifiers and saves you all the trouble of getting the parts separately. Their compact design is vehicle-friendly and saves a ton of space in your car.

Although the powered subs are designed to be pretty effective bass producers, their smaller drives and amplifiers may falter in producing sound, over longer periods, in comparison to other durable setups.

Your own assembled car-subwoofer!

You can assemble your own subwoofer just as easily as you can buy one for your car. To make a ‘component subwoofer,’ look for quality components suited to your car’s requirements. You will need a ‘subwoofer box’ which will contain the speakers and an external amplifier that will power the speakers.

Component subs usually vary from 8” to 15” in size and can be managed to run on low or high power. You can also select different impedance or voice coils setups to suit specifically your needs.

To sum up:

A good music system in your car can add to a lot of pleasant memories. It can be that one companion even if you are traveling solo. So, why compromise on a good experience when you have so many options to choose from?

But, no matter what you settle for, make sure that you do not fall for gimmicky things that apparently may seem flashy. Because, in that case, you may end up paying with not just money but also valuable time, for your loss.

Make all purchases from authorized dealers. Be responsible and make that trip a memorable one. Till next time!

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