DS18 Speaker Review: Is ds18 a good brand

If you’re tired of the dull audio system in your car it may be time to fit a subwoofer in your vehicle. For the best audio experience, a good stereo system must include a subwoofer. A standard speaker cannot adequately cope with the complex bass notes that form part of most good music.

In choosing a quality subwoofer you would do well to consider some of these great products designed and manufactured by DS18. With brand names like Hooligan, Troublemaker, Elite and GEN X, these exciting products are aimed at a broad sector of the music-loving population. The products are young and trendy in appearance and technologically advanced in design.

DS18 Subwoofer Comparison and Review

DS18 is an American company with headquarters in Florida. It is a leading manufacturer of electronic equipment. The management team aspires to provide modern and technologically advanced car audio and DJ equipment to the young and trendy. Their full range includes subwoofers, tweeters, amplifiers and full-range speakers, replacement car speakers, medium size speakers and much more. Their product boasts progressive designs and innovative features.

DS18 GEN-X6.5 6.5 Inch 150 Watts 3-Way Coaxial speaker

DS18 GEN-X6.5 Coaxial Speaker - 6.5
  • Unmatched Engineering - The GEN-X coaxial speakers come with a 25mm Voice Coil 26mm and 9mm Mylar Dome Tweeters all at an affordable price

These 6.5” three-way coaxial speakers are sold as a pair. The DS18 speakers have a paper cone with a rubber surround. They have one-inch copper and aluminum voice coil and two Mylar dome tweeters. One of 9mm and the other 28mm. Many people prefer Mylar dome tweeters to paper tweeters as they are better able to deal with a wide range of sound frequencies.

The DS18 tweeters are also more durable as they are made of polypropylene plastic rather than paper. The speakers are equipped with mesh grills, trimmed in smart red. Boasting RMS power of fifty watts that peak at one hundred and fifty watts, these speakers measure 85dB on sensitivity They will hit most frequencies well and are known for the sound clarity that they deliver. This is a good pair of speakers – a coaxial speaker – at a very reasonable price.


  • Power Handling
  • RMS: 50 watts
  • Peak: 150 watts
  • Sensitivity: 85 dB
  • Frequency response: 75 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Top-mount depth: 2.13”
  • Impedance: 4 ohms

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DS18 PRO-X10MBASS Pro Series

DS18 PRO-X10MBASS Loudspeaker - 10
  • Midrange that Handles It All - A mid-range driver that can answer the call to handle the most significant part of the audible sound spectrum. A speaker that sounds great with just instrumentals and, even better with vocals.
  • Take Your System to The Next Level - Get the most out of your system by upgrading to a speaker that gives you everything you're missing from your stock stereo.
  • 10" Loudspeaker with Ferrite Magnet - Settle for nothing but the best with High-Strength Ferrite magnets that produce a wider range of tones and can handle tremendous power at high volumes.
  • Never Stop Innovating Attitude - DS18 stands out from other brands with our progressive designs and unwavering commitment to delivering the most technologically up-to-date products on the market.

Introduced to the product lineup less than a year ago, these ten-inch midbass speakers are one of DS18’s newest products. This was part of a range of mid-range speakers introduced in response to the need for affordable subwoofers in the mid-range speaker market. This new technology has been designed to allow for the installation of a horn driver in the center of the speaker. This would ensure a better blend of frequencies and much louder output.

Ten-inch speakers generally offer the best sound combinations, granting you better sound quality but still capable of low bass notes. They are the best choice for those who like listening to a wide variety of music.

This affordable subwoofer features a 2.5”high-temperature KASV voice coil. The edge is cloth and the cone non-pressed paper. It has a black steel basket that won’t flex or distort and a sixty-ounce high-strength ferrite magnet. Boasting a sensitivity of 96.3 this speaker will bring out the very best your amplifier has to offer.

With RMS power of 400 watts peaking at 800 watts these top-quality speakers are capable of producing crisp notes at high volume. The product offers good value for money.


  • RMS: 400 watts
  • Peak: 800 watts
  • Sensitivity: 96.3 db
  • Frequency response: 80 Hz to 6.3 kHz.
  • Top-mount depth: 4.55”
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Recommended Enclosure Type: Ported or sealed enclosure

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DS18 EXL-B12.4D Competition Subwoofer

DS18 EXL-X12.2D Subwoofer in Black - 12
  • Low Frequencies at There Best - The EXL-X12.2D pounds out all of the power you need and handles low frequencies like a true 12" subwoofer. This will make you a bass head!
  • Powerful Bass You Can Count On - The EXL-X12.2D delivers impressive 2500W Max Power with 1250W RMS at Dual 2+2 Ohm, once you hear it you'll finally realize what big, rich bass sounds like.
  • DUAL VOICE COIL (DVC) - Provides multiple options and flexibility to wire Parallel, Series, or Independent. While typical subwoofers have a single voice coil, the EXL Series offers two which give you great flexibility when wiring your system.
  • Unmatched Engineering - The EXL series of subwoofers come with a red aluminum frame, DVC, a paper/glass fiber cone, black aluminum voice coil cover, and a treated foam edge to ensure top quality.
  • High-Quality Magnets - Settle for nothing but the best with two 105 oz Ferrite magnets that produces a wider range of tones and can handle tremendous power at high volumes.

The Competition grade ds18 EXL speakers are available in a choice of dual two ohm or dual four-ohm configurations and you can choose from either twelve-inch or fifteen-inch cones. Large subwoofers like these are created to offer you the great bass experience of being present in the music.

Competition subwoofers are designed to handle high power and to produce deep booming bass notes at very high volumes. They are bigger and heavier than regular subwoofers and generally more expensive.

This powerful subwoofer has a paper and glass fibre cone with a large foam edge. It has a bright red durable aluminum basket that will maintain its integrity over time. It has a double-layer spider and 2.5” voice coil with four-layer cooling.

The dual voice coils are a popular choice as they allow for fine-tuning of the system and open up the opportunity for the addition of other speakers to the stereo system. This outstanding subwoofer also has 105-ounce double ferrite magnets.

The DS18 EXL 12 is specially designed to help you win competitions. It packs a huge sound punch with an RMS of 1250 watts that peaks at 2000 watts. With a frequency response of 30-1.7Khz, you don’t get many subwoofers with sound clarity quite as good as the DS18 EXL12 at high volume.


  • RMS: 1250 watts
  • Peak: 2000 watts
  • Sensitivity: 88dB
  • Frequency response: 30-1.7Khz
  • Top-mount depth: 7.08”
  • Impedance: Dual two ohm or dual four-ohm configuration
  • Recommended Enclosure Type: Custom made box enclosure

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DS18 Z8 Elite 900W Max 500W RMS Dual Voice Coil 8″ Subwoofer

DS18 Elite Z8 Subwoofer in Black - 8
  • Great Sound Built for True Audiophiles - The Elite Z8 8" Subwoofer puts out all of the power you need and handles low frequencies like a sub twice the price.
  • Ready for High Power Applications - At 600 Watts Max Power and 300 Watts RMS, this subwoofer will be able to manage anything you want to throw at it.
  • Dual Voice Coil (DVC) - Provides multiple options and flexibility to wire Parallel, Series, or Independent. DVC will make sure you get the most from your system. While typical subwoofers have a single voice coil, the Hooligan-X Series offers two
  • Unique Design - This ultra-reliable subwoofer has double-stack magnets, dual voice coils, Kevlar dust cap, and foam edges all at an affordable price. What more can you ask for!
  • High-Quality Magnet - Settle for nothing but the best with Ferrite magnets that produce a wider range of tones and can handle tremendous power at high volumes.
  • Never Stop Innovating Attitude - DS18 stands out from other brands with our progressive designs and unwavering commitment to delivering the most technologically up-to-date products on the market.

If you’re not into earth-shattering bass and prefer the bass to complement the rest of the tones then an eight-inch subwoofer is the size best suited to you. Speakers of this size are capable of high clarity even with fast-paced music, as they respond to frequency changes much more quickly.

This eight-inch subwoofer is protected by a woven fibreglass dust cover that gives it a unique and sophisticated look. The DS18 Elite series uses only the highest grades of material available.

This subwoofer has a dual voice coil which allows for flexible wiring and for the addition of extra speakers onto the stereo system. It has two sixty-ounce magnets and a 2.5” voice coil, with four layers for superb heat dissipation. The painted black steel basket will not flex or distort. The edge is protected by paper and foam.

These DS18 elite subwoofer speakers are designed for both everyday listening and for competitions. Capable of a powerful 500-watt RMS, peaking at 900 watts this product handles bass frequencies brilliantly. The DS18 Z8 Elite is a sophisticated luxury subwoofer in a class of its own.


  • RMS: 500 watts
    • Peak: 900 watts
  • Sensitivity: 85.2dB
  • Frequency response: 46-2.8KHz
  • Top-mount depth: 5 inches
  • Impedance: 4+4 ohms
  • Recommended Enclosure Type: Custom made box enclosure

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DS18 HELLION-12.4D Helion 12-Inch SPL Competition

DS18 HELLION-12.4D Helion 12-Inch SPL Competition 3,500 Watts Max Dual Voice Coil 4 Ohms Subwoofer, Set of 1
  • For Fanatics and Audiophiles: This Hellion is a 12" SPL Competition Grade Subwoofer.
  • Amazing Power: 3,500 Watts Max Power and 2,000 Watts RMS Power
  • Highest Quality Composites: 3 150Oz High Strength Magnets, Black Aluminum Dual Voice Coils
  • Configuration Freedom: This Helion comes in 4-Ohms Impedances
  • Warning: You might piss off all law enforcement entities nearby

Hellion is a newcomer to the market, but this competition-grade 12-inch DS subwoofer is making waves. Competition subwoofers pack immense power with astonishing bass, are heavy and require a lot of space.

The DS18 Hellion has a glass fibre cone with a large foam and paper surround. The black cone is surrounded by a red aluminum housing which is durable and solid and will not flex or distort over time. The subwoofer has three-inch black aluminum dual voice coils that offer flexible wiring options for additional speaker configurations. It has three one-hundred-and-fifty-ounce high strength ferrite batteries and a four-layer spider.

This top-of-the-range product is capable of a whopping two thousand watts of RMS power that peaks at three thousand five hundred watts. The sensitivity measures 93 dB. This combination of high wattage and high sensitivity means that this product packs a punch.

This is an exceptional and durable subwoofer that packs in a great deal of sound and superb handling of low-frequency notes. If there is any criticism, this product is pricey, but then you expect to pay for all-around quality.


  • RMS: 2000 wattsPeak: 3500 watts
  • Sensitivity: 93 dB
  • Frequency response: 47-3.2kHz
  • Top-mount depth: 9.45 inches
  • Impedance: Available in both two by two and four by four ohm
  • Recommended Enclosure Type: 1.94 cu-ft. Sealed enclosure and 2.0 – 2.46 cu-ft. Ported enclosure

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We hope this Review of the DS18 Subwoofer has helped you make up your mind about the brand. You can also check out our guide on how to choose the right subwoofer for your vehicle.

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